Use of Business Resources and Information

Currently, we are in an economic situation more than complicated, with a large number of people unemployed, and many others emigrating to other countries in search of opportunities.

Do you believe in yourself? Do you have experience and / or training to offer something for which people may be interested? Do not you want to be sitting on the sofa in your house waiting for the call for an interview in which they will possibly offer you much less than what they will pay you?

If so, you have another option, self-employment. If you have business resources and information, you can get ahead, and without having to invest a large amount of money, which you probably do not have.

And after reading a lot about the subject, and now being able to tell the experience of creating my own company, here are 7 tips to be able to undertake with limited economic resources:

  1. Take advantage of social networks.

Internet 2.0, interact with your potential clients , know them, know you, be close to them, show that you are good. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forums, blogs all these tools are free, and with them you can reach thousands of people, you just have to choose the one that best suits the services you offer and the customers you are looking for.

  1. Give yourself value

You have to know which client you are targeting: Low Cost or Premium. The price you set for your work has to be according to what you offer.

  1. It offers an added value

What can you add to the services of your competition to make a difference? A personalized and close treatment is usually what customers appreciate the most, as they are fed up with after-sales services that pass from them, to feel that they spend their money on products they do not know or how they work.

  1. Community of Assets

You do not have the need to create an SL and invest 3000 dollars. You can create a Community of Assets, where the expenses are much lower.

  1. Symbiosis

When you need a website, make yourself known or any service, try to find another entrepreneur or another business that also needs your product / services, you can pay in spices , which will decrease the expense, apart from that in the future you will have the open door to continue collaborating.

All this sounds very nice and it seems very easy, but not everyone is prepared to enter the adventure of undertaking , not having schedules, going through difficult times and many times having to make decisions that you would not like to take, so if you are not willing to fight for your dreams, knowing that it will not be easy and you will have to draw strength from where there are none, it is better to look for another option.

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