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Starting a Microbusiness? Compare Merchant Services

Are you testing out your business ideas on a small scale? How can you compare merchant services so to get the best for your business needs? Just read this post and you’ll know.


Compare Merchant Services for Microbusinesses

A microbusiness can be described as a business that operates on a very small scale, usually with no more than 1 or 2 people. Today, thanks to modern technologicaladvances, it’s become really affordable to start, scale, and manage a business without the need to hire a large team of employees.


Starting and keeping things small has several benefits for merchants. When you keep things small, you stay in control. As a result, you get the ultimate power to establish your perfect work-life balance.As a microbusiness owner, you can never retire. Instead of retiring, you can use your business in a different way like starting a business based around your skills.


Did you know that more than 95% of all the businesses in the UK are defined as small enterprises, which have 10 or fewer employees? The annual report from the European Commission shows that 56% of small businesses operating across the Member States are defined as microenterprises.


By the way, in the US, women microbusiness owners (69%) have higher expectations for their business in general. The number of UK women microbusiness owners with high expectations makes up 54%.


If you’re a UK business owner interested in merchant services, find a respectable comparison company that can help you get the best deal for your business. Look for a reputable payment expert in the UK that offersfree consultation, reviews of contracts, rates, and fees.


Work with a true professional in the field that guarantees the most honest snapshot of the company at the time of writing. Choose a comparison company that never fails to check each processor’s integration process. This is of immense importance since only the right integration process can ensure a smooth transition and onboarding process for you.


Microbusinesses after Brexit

A massive change for UK microbusiness owners could be just on the horizon.Based on a recent survey by the cloud accounting software company FreeAgent, over 2/3 of respondents or 66% think Brexit would negatively affect the economy. 13% of the survey participants believe it’d bring a positive impact.


60% of respondents are for a 2ndBrexit referendum. 26% would oppose it. 7% of microbusiness owners think Brexit would result in a positive impact on their own businesses. 38% believe leaving the EU would negatively impact on their businesses.


According to Darren Fell, the CEO and Founder of Crunch, microbusinesses have a great chance to capitalise on the changing conditions that will come after Brexit. The political and economic uncertainty that can result inhardships for large businesses may be advantageous for the smallest ones, thanks to their natural agility.


Dave Chaplin, CEO and Founder ofContractorCalculator notes that where there’s change, there’s always opportunity. Leaving the EU is a huge one-off project that’s going to affect virtually every organisation in the UK.


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